Site hoarding – how to achieve that professional corporate image on site

Achieving a professional image on a construction site is one of the first things our customers talk to us about.

Whilst security is key, installing a site hoarding system that conveys a professional appearance comes top of the list. Here’s a quick and handy guide on how to achieve a professional and corporate image on site.

Use an experienced installer

Achieving a professional image can be achieved when you work with a site hoarding supplier that can give a professional fitting service to ensure that every angle and every turn in the hoarding line appears smooth and continuous, you need an experienced installer! Whilst it might look easy there’s a fine art to installing site hoarding, especially where different ground conditions are concerned.

Opt for bespoke powder coating

At Rethync, our site hoarding is available as standard in white, but in reality, any colour can be done when it comes to site hoarding meaning you can set a professional tone for your site. By having panels powder coated to match your corporate colours it can really set off your brand.

Utilise printed hoarding graphics

Printed hoarding graphics are great to use at an entrance to site, or in areas that run adjacent to busy roads or footpaths as they provide a fantastic way to visually communicate to the local community what they can expect; as well as give that sense of arrival. By simply adding printed substrates directly to the site hoarding you can get your message out there easily!

Display safety signage

Whilst there is a legal requirement to display selected safety signage in and around site, this is one of the main things that will add to the credibility of your business. By utilising signage across the site hoarding you are demonstrating a commitment to safety whilst conveying a professional image.

Do you need a professional site hoarding system?

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