Steel Site Hoarding Vs Timber Hoarding

Rethync Multisite Steel Hoarding is designed primarily for house builders and construction companies. Working harmoniously by keeping a construction site safe, it also creates a professional on-site image. In this blog we break down why steel site hoarding has more benefits than traditional timber hoarding.

Resistant to high winds

With engineer certified wind loading to 50mph, steel hoarding won’t easily fall and does not need any extra-long spigots to support the system. With timber hoarding, to comply with the same safety standards as steel, the wood required would be slow growing pine trees. Overtime, the cost to the customer to use timber hoarding of the same safety spec as steel, would work out much higher!

Reusable benefits of steel site hoarding

Although you might think that timber hoarding is the more environmentally friendly option, for sites looking to minimise their carbon footprint, steel Multisite hoarding can help you work towards doing your bit for the environment. The durability of our steel hoarding means that there is a life expectancy of ten years, meaning that the products only need to be manufactured once to achieve this ten-year life span.

At the end of its life cycle, steel hoarding can be fully recycled, and can even be turned into other products that can be used on site permanently. Compare this to timber hoarding, where you will find that is rarely reused after use on a single site and either is thrown into landfill or incarcerated.

Create that professional look

Unlike timber hoarding, our steel panels are galvanised both sides and powder coated white on one side as standard to provide a professional finish. We are also able to provide corporate colours onto our steel hoarding to match individual company brands.

You’ll find that timber hoarding needs to be fireproofed to be used on a site, and when it comes to painting over fireproof panels it is hard to identify which panels have been fireproofed. You therefore find that painting timber hoarding in the same corporate colours as steel hoarding is less likely to be an option.

Cost effective

As steel site hoarding from Rethync is reusable from one site to the next, it reduces site set up costs with most users seeing cost savings by their second site use.

Compare this to timber hoarding, with an overall lifespan much shorter than steel hoarding, means that over time it becomes less cost effective and generally not reusable.

Thinking of switching from timber to steel hoarding to save money and protect the environment?

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Construction site hoarding solutions to protect your site compound

Rethync’s multisite steel hoarding helps construction companies and house builders to create a professional site image. Our construction site hoarding, and vehicle and pedestrian gates, also support construction sites in protecting their workers and the public.

Adding style to a building site

Yorkshire based Multisite Hoarding company, Rethync Ltd, are helping house builders and construction companies achieve a professional image on their construction sites through their reusable, recyclable and brandable compound fencing.