Construction site hoarding solutions to protect your site compound

Rethync’s multisite steel hoarding helps construction companies and house builders to create a professional site image. Our construction site hoarding, and vehicle and pedestrian gates, also support construction sites in protecting their workers and the public.

More so than ever, construction sites have a responsibility to protect their workers and the public, and construction site hoarding is an effective way to define a perimeter or create a compound.

Here we discuss the different Multisite Hoarding compounds that can be considered for protecting your construction site. 

Multisite Hoarding – What to look for?

By having engineer certified wind loading of up to 50mph, you will have steel hoarding that won’t easily fall and does not require extra-long spigots to support the system. This in addition to system infills, compromising of 1m wide metal hoarding panels that are overlapped within the system framework, means you can create a continuous run of site hoarding of any length, with safety and security a top priority. You can therefore be put at ease that the site you are working in is safe and secure.

When considering the height of multisite hoarding, in particular those of up to 3 meters tall, the addition of extension arms added to the post tops for the fixing of barbed wire or razor tape help to provide a security topping; providing enhanced security.

Safety when installing Vehicle and Pedestrian Gates

When installing vehicle and pedestrian gates, it is important that you look to an installer who can provide ones that are designed to be locked from both the inside and out.

Security is paramount on construction sites, not only to protect those working within a compound, but to also protect the public. Our service includes the option to provide fire exit gates, complete with a push bar making them suitable for fire exit routes, which is something also worth considering when installing gates.   

Using qualified installers

Of course, it goes without saying that using a trusted and reliable, insured company to install Multisite Hoarding, is important. Whatever you are using, being it gates or steel hoarding, you need reassurance that when installed everything is safe and secure.

If you prefer, there is also the option to use your own installers or sub-contractors where on site installation training is provided, to ensure you get a quality finished product, however we always recommend letting the experts take this on!

An installer you can trust

Site security is vitally important, but so is protecting your site safety. At Rethync we work with construction companies and house builders across the UK and have a string of approvals under our belt so you can be assured that we are qualified and insured to work on site.

Do you need steel hoarding to save money and protect the environment on your next construction project?

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