The benefits of steel hoarding: Looking beyond construction site security

When it comes to construction site security, steel hoarding is one of the most used products for compounds and site demarcation, but there are many more benefits to using steel hoarding that might not be so obvious.

With its resistance to high winds, the professional appearance it provides to sites (it is easy to colour with a powdered colour coating), there’s a reason why construction companies use it as their preferred perimeter solution.

Phil Chadwick, Managing Director of Rethync LTD comments: “It’s common knowledge that steel is a long-lasting material, and with an average life expectancy of 10 years, so investing in steel hoarding makes good sense. It is a quality product that is resistant to the elements and will last over the course of many years.

“What some may not think of as a benefit of steel hoarding though, is the reusable and recyclable element to it. Steel hoarding from Rethync, is a completely reusable product from one site to the next, and because of its durability can be reused numerous times. What’s more, at the end of its lifespan steel is fully recyclable so can be given a new life as something else.

“This helps alleviate budget constraints across multiple sites, with most compounds effectively paying for themselves by the second or third use.”

Rethync supplies and installs Multisite Hoarding across the UK. They work across the UK with house builders, construction companies and large corporate businesses to create a professional, and secure, site image.

If your site would benefit from a steel hoarding system to improve your construction site security, get in touch with Rethync on 03300 535 898 or

Bespoke Multisite Hoarding for Miller Homes

At Rethync, we pride ourselves on thinking differently everyday about how our products can be used to save money for our customers and help the environment, encompassing our motto of: “Reuse, Reduce, Recycle.” In this case study we look at a bespoke Multisite Hoarding installation for national housebuilder, Miller Homes, on their greenfield construction site in York.

Construction site hoarding solutions to protect your site compound

Rethync’s multisite steel hoarding helps construction companies and house builders to create a professional site image. Our construction site hoarding, and vehicle and pedestrian gates, also support construction sites in protecting their workers and the public.