Bespoke Multisite Hoarding for Miller Homes

Rethync supplies and installs bespoke Multisite Hoarding, an eco-friendly steel hoarding system that is robust and can be reused site after site. Working with house builders, construction companies, and large corporate businesses across the UK, Rethync Multisite Hoarding helps to create a secure and professional looking site hoarding line.

At Rethync, we pride ourselves on thinking differently everyday about how our products can be used to save money for our customers and help the environment, encompassing our motto of: “Reuse, Reduce, Recycle.”

In this case study we look at a bespoke Multisite Hoarding installation for national housebuilder, Miller Homes, on their greenfield construction site in York.

Bespoke Multisite Hoarding for Miller Homes

Construction Site Hoarding Made To Order

Upon the request for hoarding, one of the mandatory requirements from Miller Homes was a bespoke vehicle gate, and a double leaf barn door gate. Being the only hoarding company that offers double leaf barn door gates, Rethync were the best choice for Miller Homes.

The barn door gates that Rethync provide means they can be opened through the top half of the fence line whilst the bottom half remains as solid hoarding.

The next necessity for Miller Homes was a double vehicle gate with specific requirements. Due to a mature Tree within in the ground on the Greenfield site in York, the vehicle access gate that Miller Homes required could only be 4m wide.

Typically these gates are installed at 5.4m wide, however with Rethync installing a 4m gate it ensured the tree was free from damage but also safeguarding the risk of unannounced plant and plant and machinery vehicles entering the site and putting workers at risk.

Bespoke Multisite Hoarding for Miller Homes

Phil Chadwick, Managing Director of Rethync comments: “Having collaborated with Miller Homes on multiple sites, we were delighted to again provide them with the specific hoarding solution they needed.

“Miller Homes are a regular customer of Rethync and have been using our bespoke Multisite Hoarding across many of their locations. The hoarding in York was re-erected on site, having been installed on one of their previous developments, and over the years Miller Homes have benefitted from the repeated reusability of our Multisite Hoarding.”

“Rethync’s product lifestyle management process allows for site compound hoarding to be taken away from previous sites, re-erected, and painted in the appropriate corporate colours for further use. Once Miller Homes have no additional need for the hoarding, Rethync will come in and dismantle, sort, and store away securely for them, until it is required for use again at their next site.”

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Rethync’s bespoke Multisite Hoarding project for Miller Homes was featured in the July 2022 issue of Construction View magazine.

Read all about it here on page 20.

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