5 benefits of steel site hoarding

Steel Hoarding is designed primarily for construction companies and house builders. It helps them to create a professional site image as well as protecting their work force and the general public.

There are many advantages to using Multisite steel site hoarding and in this blog we break down the five key benefits.

1.    Cost Effective

When choosing Multisite Hoarding, you want to ensure you’re going with hoarding that has a large lifespan. Hoarding with a 10-year lifespan allows it to be used time and time again. The more uses of steel hoarding will mean that site set up costs reduce, and construction companies will find that by their second site, usage that costs will go down; it is a great long-term solution for repeat sites.

2.    Environmentally Friendly Steel Site Hoarding

Not something you might normally associate with Multisite Hoarding, but if you are looking to minimise your carbon footprint on your construction site then steel hoarding can help you work towards that! With its recyclable benefits our Multisite Hoarding allows you to reduce, reuse and recycle and decrease the environmental impacts of your projects.

3.    Life Expectancy

The robust specification and polyester coating on steel hoarding sheets means they are expected to last well over 10 years, so long as they are not subject to misuse or impact damage on site. There are also options for reusable Multisite Gates, and by offering a full range of vehicle and pedestrian gates, construction sites can cover all bases for their site needs.

4.    Easy to Transport and Store

Hoarding is like a jig-saw piece meaning that it can be delivered in component form and assembled on site. Likewise, once dismantled it is stacked into efficiently transportable and storable pallets, reducing overall transport costs. And of course, it goes without saying that using a trusted and reliable company, like Rethync, to install Multisite Hoarding is important.

You need to ensure that when your site hoarding is transported to you, erected, taken down, and stored that you use installers who are trained.

5.    Positive Site Image

The uninterrupted outer face gives a continuous flowing appearance with all fixings concealed on the inside face of the system. The standard outer face colour is white but other colours can be available. And while there are legal requirements to display selected safety signage in and around sites, you can also have hoarding painted to the bespoke colours of your brand to convey a professional image on building sites.

Want to find out the benefits of steel site hoarding for yourself? Contact our sales team for more information on 03300 535898 or info@rethync.co.uk

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At Rethync, we pride ourselves on thinking differently everyday about how our products can be used to save money for our customers and help the environment, encompassing our motto of: “Reuse, Reduce, Recycle.” In this case study we look at a bespoke Multisite Hoarding installation for national housebuilder, Miller Homes, on their greenfield construction site in York.