Steel site hoarding and windy weather

Construction is an all-weather job. Rain or shine, it comes with the territory of working outdoors on projects, and as summer is slowly slipping away and a new season approaches – Autumn, so does the wind.

But with its resistance to high winds, there is a reason construction companies use steel site hoarding for their construction site needs.

Multisite Hoarding that’s built to stand

It’s true that steel site hoarding has many advantages for house builders and construction companies. It can readily be moved from site to site, it provides site security and access gates, but it is also built to last!

When working with Multisite Hoarding, you want to ensure that you are using hoarding that can withstand high windspeeds. Without the need of backstays, Multisite will be secure in up to 50mph winds.

Wind loading calculations

Site specific installation amendments are not uncommon for ground that is not good, or when a period of higher than 50mph winds is predicted. Therefore, when working with installers you’ll want to ensure they can provide wind loading calculations.

That way if any amendments are to be made to increase resistance (e.g. narrower post spacings, larger foundations, backstays etc), you’ll know it has been done correctly. A reliable company will be able to provide customers with wind loading software calculations as standard.

Using trained installers

If ground that is being worked on comes with more trickier characteristics, it goes without saying that having a trained installer to put up steel hoarding safely, and securely, is essential.

By having a fully trained and insured engineer installing your steel hoarding system, you can be assured that it won’t easily fall down. This in addition to system infills, compromising of 1m wide metal hoarding panels that are overlapped within the system framework, means you can create a continuous run of site hoarding of any length, with safety and security a top priority.

Bespoke hoarding

If you require a hoarding system of up to 3 meters tall, the addition of extension arms can be added to the post tops for the fixing of barbed wire or razor tape help to provide a security topping; further enhancing security alongside wind resistant steel site hoarding.

Find out the benefits of steel site hoarding

Want to find out the benefits of steel site hoarding for yourself?  At Rethync we work with construction companies and house builders across the UK and have a string of approvals under our belt so you can be assured that we are qualified and insured to work on your site.

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5 benefits of steel site hoarding

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