Site Hoarding Installation – What should you expect from your installers?

Construction site hoardings can be a vital element to building projects. They help to keep workers and the general public safe and are designed to provide a protective site perimeter. Site hoarding installation must be erected prior to any work commencing on a building site, and it is therefore important that it is set up correctly and safely by a trained installer.

Using a trained installer

Of course, it goes without saying that using a trusted and reliable, insured company for your construction site hoarding installation, is important. Whatever you are using, be it gates or steel hoarding, you need reassurance that when installed everything is safe and secure.

Hoarding must also be regularly inspected to ensure its integrity. It can be modified during construction work as site requirements change, therefore working with a company with trained installers who can come and support your changing site requirements is something worth considering.

As well as the safe installation of your site hoarding, there is also a fine art to installing site hoarding, especially where different ground conditions are concerned. A professional fitting service will ensure that every angle and every turn in the hoarding line appears smooth and continuous, and an experienced installer will ensure that.

Training of your staff

If you would prefer to use your own installers or sub-contractors, on site installation training can be made available. Of course, we would recommend letting the experts take on your site hoarding installation, for the peace of mind of all safety requirements being met, as well as for insurance purposes.

What about bespoke hoarding requirements?

When what you require isn’t classed as a ‘normal’ set up and you need a more complex installation of site hoarding, it is important that you look to an installer who can provide you what you’re looking for and offer insight and suggestions, so you are getting the most out of your hoarding.

Added security measures

Security is paramount on construction sites, not only to protect those working within the compound, but to protect the public. Therefore, if you require fire exit gates, with push bars, or gates that need to be locked from the inside and out, then as well as your hoarding line the installation of gates is also worth considering.

Steel hoarding for your next project

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You can be assured that Rethync are qualified and insured to install hoarding and work on your site, we have a string of approvals under our belt, and we understand the vital importance of site security and protecting your site safely.

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