Steel hoarding for factory and warehouse segregation

On the ground multisite hoarding provides a way to offer safe segregation within a large factory or warehouse, either as a temporary solution, or a long-term result of utilising a large space to its full capacity.

In this blog we break down some of the key areas for using steel hoarding on the inside, and the many versatile advantages it can provide.


Requiring no ground excavation, on the ground steel hoarding is ideal for internal use at events. Providing a temporary walkway, entranceway, or even a solution to offer segregation, it’s durability and versatility is endless.

For corporate events, the option to opt for bespoke powder coating is an added benefit of steel hoarding.  At Rethync, our site hoarding is available as standard in white but in actuality, all colours can be made available. What this means is a professional tone can be set for events by having panels powder coated to match your corporate colours and compliment your brand.


Be it for crowd control and management, temporary office blocks, or any other use where safety and security is at the forefront, multisite hoarding will provide the solutions. Regardless of the intended use, security is paramount within a factory or warehouse environment, not only to protect those working within it, but also to protect the public.

The service we can include at Rethync includes the option to provide fire exit gates, complete with a push bar making them suitable for fire exit routes, as well as the choice to add inside and outside locks on a variety of gate and door choices.


Choosing a steel hoarding solution, rather than cheaper timber, provides a wider range of use for on the ground multisite and because of steels durability it can be reused numerous times. This means it can be taken apart and moved, stored easily, and assembled in various ways to provide the most suitable functionality for its user. What’s more, at the end of its lifespan the steel is fully recyclable so can be given a new life as something else.


Steel hoarding can be delivered, installed, and then later dismantled all on the same day if required making it a perfect for events, flexible warehouse segregation or a temporary factory layout. Multisite is adaptable and easy to transport from one site to the next (e.g. an event tour) so you’ll find most compounds effectively paying for themselves by the second use of steel hoarding

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