Site Hoarding for undulated ground

Undulated ground is when a surface is wavelike in appearance, and can be caused by poor drainage, tree roots, or because of the type of soil/rock that the surface is made from.

It can also be man-made when moving soil/ground around when preparing a site’s foundation for construction.


Multisite Hoarding is a common feature on most construction sites and has uses throughout an entire construction projects timeline. It helps to provide a professional site image and has the added benefits of providing security.

At 2.4m high as standard, the on-ground system is installed into the ground using a robust framework to provide a continuous run of site hoarding.

Accommodating uneven ground

Multisite steel hoarding can accommodate gently sloping ground without the need for stepping and can similarly curve through gentle changes of direction. When undulated ground is involved, backstays can be added to enhance hoarding durability and if the uneven ground increases the hoarding height to 3 meters, extension arms can be added to the top of the posts. Barbed wire or razor tape can also be installed to provide an extra security topping

Temporary / transportable hoarding

As undulated ground needs to be flattened and treated, there may be the need to move an installed steel hoarding on a construction site. Either because of expanding the works area, or temporarily storing it while a large area of ground is worked on.

That is why it is common to find temporary hoarding used on residential housing schemes, and when there are different phases of works on a large site, temporary hoarding can easily be dismantled and reinstalled as the site evolves.

Durability and recyclable benefits of steel hoarding

When working on an uneven surface, you need to be assured that the hoarding you have installed is secure and durable. Some companies will opt for timber over steel hoarding because they believe it to be more eco-friendly but what they don’t realise is by choosing to use timber hoarding they are  compromising the durability of their sites safety and security.

As steel hoarding has a life expectancy of ten years, it means the product needs to only be manufactured once to get ten years of use, making it the more eco-friendly and ‘green’ option for construction sites! Plus, at the end of its life cycle, steel hoarding can be fully recycled or even turned into other products that can be used on site permanently, unlike timber, which is usually burnt.

Steel hoarding for your construction site

Rethync are fully insured and qualified to install hoarding and work on your site, and can provide bespoke solutions and recommendations when working on undulated ground.

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Site Hoarding Explained

Multisite steel hoarding is a high-quality reusable in ground system designed primarily for housebuilders and construction companies. It can readily be moved from site to site thereby providing savings for owners in terms of both cost and the environment.

Steel hoarding for factory and warehouse segregation

On the ground multisite hoarding provides a way to offer safe segregation within a large factory or warehouse, either as a temporary solution, or a long-term result of utilising a large space to its full capacity.