Site Hoarding Explained

Multisite steel hoarding is a high-quality reusable in ground system designed primarily for housebuilders and construction companies. It can readily be moved from site to site thereby providing savings for owners in terms of both cost and the environment.

In this blog we take it back to basics and explain exactly what site hoarding is along with its many benefits!

What is site hoarding?

Site hoarding, mainly made from steel, is a temporary boundary designed to protect a construction or building site. Mostly used to keep workers on site safe, and to keep the public out, it consists of solid panels of steel that ensure maximum security. As it is made up of solid steel panels, equipment on the inside is not visible and therefore less likely to be stolen.  

The two types of hoarding

Site hoarding can be used both in-ground and on-ground which maximises its usability. In-ground systems are mostly used outside on building sites and are installed using a robust into ground framework, this means that a continuous run of site hoarding can be installed to any length. Whereas on-ground systems use weighted ballasts that sit on a grounds surface, this means that they can be used both outside and inside, depending on the users’ needs.

Safety & Installation

One of the main reasons for having Multisite Hoarding installed is for its durability, you don’t want steel hoarding that will fall or require extra-long spigots to support the system, and compromise on internal space. By having engineer certified wind loading of up to 50mph, your mind will be put ease that the site you are working in is safe and secure.

And by further enhancing that peace of mind, you want to use a trusted and reliable, insured company, such as Rethync, to install Multisite Hoarding to ensure everything is safe and secure.

Providing a professional site image

The steel panels on site hoarding are normally galvanised on both sides, this means that they can be powder coated to match corporate colours for a company’s individual branding. As standard, they are supplied in white, however having the option to match site hoarding with a company brand lets a construction site show off its professional image.

An installer you can trust

We understand site hoarding and have a team of professional who have been working within the industry for years. At Rethync we work with construction companies and house builders across the UK and we are fully insured and qualified to work on your site.

Call or email us today on 03300 535 898 or for a professional site hoarding system.

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Site Hoarding for undulated ground

Undulated ground is when a surface is wavelike in appearance, and can be caused by poor drainage, tree roots, or because of the type of soil/rock that the surface is made from.