New Build Housing Target Reinstated

It has been a confusing couple of months for the Built Environment, with changes to industry targets, reinstating of ministers, changes in parliamentary leadership, and legislation amendments to name a few, however one thing that’s done a full 360˚ is the New Build Housing target.

Under Liz Truss’ government, the 300,000 new build homes target by mid 2020s set by Boris Johnson back in 2017, was scrapped. Citing that the reason for removing it was to ‘abolish top-down housing targets’ set by the government.[1]

However, under Rishi Sunak’s leadership (and with the return of Michael Gove as Housing Secretary), the Conservative Government has re-committed to the 300k housing target.[2] The target is said to be achievable, but it won’t be easy with economic factors at play.

Rising cost of materials

With the house building target back, it would be impractical to gloss over the rising cost of materials for the Built Environment (citing global supply chains and tight labour markets to blame). But as the UK faces a housing crisis the construction industry will have an important role to play.

And with more new build construction on the horizon, building sites will need site hoarding systems to ensure safety and security of those on and around the site is in place.

Plus, if a building site is not secure, it can get costly as insurance premiums will rise. From having steel hoarding solutions in place to protect your site compound you are saving yourself the risk of further monetary costs.

Hoarding that is built to last

When choosing a Multisite Hoarding for your construction site, you want to ensure you’re working with hoarding that has a long-life expectancy. Hoarding with a 10-year lifespan allows it to be used time and time again, and the more uses of steel hoarding will mean that site set up costs will also reduce, and construction companies will find by their second site usage that costs will go down.

Transportable and storable site hoarding

With the 300,000 homes target back on, it could mean that construction companies need to expand building site locations, so you’ll need a Multisite Hoarding system that is easy to transport and store.

Hoarding is like a jigsaw piece – it can be delivered in component form and assembled on site. Likewise, once dismantled it is stacked into efficiently transportable and storable pallets, reducing overall transport costs. And of course, it goes without saying that using a trusted and reliable company, like Rethync, to install Multisite Hoarding is important.

Helping you meet your new build housing targets

As a partner with housebuilding companies, we know it won’t easy supporting the Governments 300k new homes target, but with our robust supply chains one thing we know we can guarantee is reliable, Multisite Hoarding.

So, while you help meet the governments targets, we can help you reach yours.

It goes without saying that at Rethync we proudly work with construction companies and house builders across the UK so you can rest assured that we are qualified and insured to work on your site.

If you need hoarding fast for your next construction project, contact our sales team for more information on 03300 535898 or

[1] Inside Housing, September 2022

[2] BBC News, November 2022

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