Securing your Site Compound

On any new or existing construction site there will be various factors to consider when securing your site compound – from having preparations in place before work can even begin, to installing fencing around the perimeter.

Having quality security measures in place will ensure that you compound is at a lesser risk of intrusion and vandalism, and even in some cases, theft. Our latest blog goes into more detail!

Preparations for your site compound

On a new construction site, risk assessments will be a top priority! A risk assessment is not there to prevent you from completing the jobs your company is tasked with, but instead is put in place so you can discover possible risks and issues, and how to fix them to ensure the safety of all those around is always maintained.

It also goes without saying that you’ll need a comprehensive insurance contract. Having insurance that covers equipment and items is a bonus, but there could be certain conditions that have to be met to claim for if any equipment is damaged or stolen, such as a secure and locked compound.

Multisite Hoarding

Having Multisite Hoarding or fencing around a compound perimeter is one of the best ways you can maintain site security. It not only acts as a deterrent, but if installed correctly, it will ensure the safety of staff, the public as well as any equipment that is left within it.

Steel hoarding far outweighs timber fencing as it has wind loading of up to 50mph, meaning it won’t easily fall and does not require extra-long spigots to support the system, plus steel has a better fire-resistant quality than timber, and it can be re-used providing you with the benefits of a 10-year lifespan!

When it comes to Multisite Hoarding installation, using a trusted, reliable, and insured company is important. There is a fine art to installing hoarding and you want to be rest assured that you’re not only getting a quality finished product, but that everything is safe and secure.

Entrance and Exit

Having the flexibility to choose gates and doors that are suitable for your compound is important, just as important as ensuring all accessible entrances have locks and even fire exit push bars.

You may require a bespoke gate, pedestrian gates, mesh gates, or barn door gates, and it is important to consider whether you need to be able to lock gates/doors from the inside as well as outside.

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Site security is vitally important, but so is protecting your site safety. At Rethync we work with construction companies and house builders across the UK and have a string of approvals under our belt so you can be assured that we are qualified and insured to work on site.

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Multisite Hoarding – an affordable alternative to timber

You may not realise but using steel hoarding instead of timber hoarding is more environmentally friendly, even on a single use site. This is because timber is a single use product, meaning it is either thrown into landfill or incinerated after use.

Advertising and Steel Hoarding – The Alternative Benefits

Multisite hoarding is primarily made from steel, and acts as a temporary boundary designed to protect a construction or building site. Mostly used to keep workers on site safe, and to keep the public out, it consists of solid panels of steel that ensure maximum security.