Multisite Hoarding – an affordable alternative to timber

You may not realise but using multisite steel hoarding instead of timber hoarding is more environmentally friendly, even on a single use site. This is because timber is a single use product, meaning it is either thrown into landfill or incinerated after use.

Working with a company, like Rethync, who use an eco-friendly steel hoarding system that is robust and can be reused site after site, means that house builders, construction companies, and large corporate businesses across the UK can be rest assured that they are creating a secure, eco-friendly, and professional looking site hoarding line.

In this special feature blog, we look at the benefits our Multisite Hoarding has brought to housebuilder, Countryside, across their UK construction sites.

Working with Countryside building sites

At Countryside building sites, we provide a range of site fencing solutions, including Multisite steel compound hoarding, timber post & rail, and knee rail. By using our Multisite steel hoarding, which is more sustainable than timber, Countryside, and the many other companies that we work with, can rest assure that their construction site not only meets all health, safety, and security requirements, but is also helping house builders meet their sustainability targets.

Countryside Partnerships site compound hoarding

The reusable benefits of Multisite Hoarding

Once a site is complete, our steel Multisite Hoarding can be re-used on your next building site or recycled for further multifunctional uses. The durability of our steel hoarding means there is a life expectancy of ten years, so the products only need to be manufactured once to achieve this ten-year life span.

Having a hoarding system in place which is reusable, like steel, reduces site set up costs and we find that most users will see a cost saving by at least their second site use. Compare this to timber hoarding, that has seen a significant increase in cost recently and has an overall lifespan much shorter than steel, this means over time it becomes less cost effective and generally not reusable.

Steel Vs Timber

Steel hoarding has the added benefits of being fully brandable. The panels are galvanized and can be powder coated, or painted on-site, to match the corporate colours for a company’s individual brand.

And it’s not just bespoke coloured Multisite Hoarding a company can benefit from. Because of the ways the steel hoarding is manufactured it means that bespoke options are available depending on a construction site requirement.

We were able to provide Countryside with a bespoke gate solution for a site in Rochdale, comprising of an individually manufactured and installed 8m wide mesh gate. 

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Countryside receives all these benefits and more by using Rethync, and so could you!

If you want your next construction site to be more sustainable whilst also reaping the financial rewards of using a steel hoarding system, contact the Rethync team on 03300 535 898 or email

Rethync’s ‘Countryside’ feature has been published in the latest issue of Construction View magazine. Read it here!

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Steel hoarding is a popular choice for construction sites and other temporary barriers, as it is strong, durable, and easy to install. However, one of the key benefits of steel hoarding is that it is also highly recyclable at the end of its life.

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