Construction Site Hoarding for Temporary Use

If you are in the construction industry, you know that creating a safe environment for workers and the general public is important. Temporary hoarding is an effective way to set a boundary limit of a perimeter or create a compound to protect workers and the public from hazards. In this blog we discuss the different applications suited for temporary construction site hoarding and where you can use it.

Steel Multisite Hoarding

Temporary hoarding is available in a range of materials, but for most professionals, temporary hoarding made from steel is the preferred choice. Steel hoarding is durable and can withstand the elements, making it ideal for outdoor use.

Here are some of the different examples of where temporary hoarding can be used on a construction sites:

Security for Construction Companies

Temporary hoarding is commonly used by construction companies, in particular to provide security for a construction site. Hoarding acts as a physical barrier that prevents unauthorised access to a site, which can help to prevent theft, vandalism, and other criminal activity. By controlling access to the site, the hoarding can help to protect both the workers and the materials that are being used on the project.

Professional Image for House Builders

House building companies are always looking to portray a professional image on a site, and temporary hoarding is a great way to display important messages for the community, showcase artwork produced locally, and advertise up and coming property for sale.

By applying printed substrates to hoarding, visual communications can be easily achieved, and it is commonplace on new build housing estates.

Environmental Protection at a Construction Site

Temporary hoarding can also be used to protect the environment. If a construction site is located near a body of water, hoarding can be used to prevent sediment and other pollutants from entering the water. Additionally, hoarding can be used to control noise and dust pollution, which can be a concern for members of the public who live near the construction site.

Construction Privacy

In some cases, construction projects may be located in areas that are highly visible to the public. In these situations, temporary hoarding can be used to provide privacy for the workers on the site. This can be particularly important for projects that involve sensitive or confidential information or for projects that require a high degree of concentration and focus.

No matter the application, most construction sites have a need for temporary hoarding so that a safe environment can be created for workers and the general public. Whether it is used for security, safety, privacy, branding, or environmental protection, hoarding can help to enhance the overall success of a construction project.

By understanding the different uses of temporary hoarding, construction companies can make informed decisions about when and how to use this valuable tool.

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