Rethync your supply of site hoarding

Working across the UK with house builders, construction companies, and large corporate businesses, Rethync help to create a professional, safe and environmentally friendly construction site through their supply of reusable, and recyclable, Multisite Hoarding.  

Rethync think differently everyday about how their construction site hoarding can be used to save you money and help the environment.

That’s why they: Rethync. Reuse. Recycle.

Multisite Hoarding

Rethync’s Multisite Steel Hoarding is designed primarily for house builders and construction companies. It can be readily moved from site to site, thereby providing savings for site managers in terms of both cost and the environment.

Phil Chadwick, Managing Director of Rethync explains in more detail: “With a 10-year lifespan, our Multisite Hoarding can be used time and time again, reducing site setup costs, with users seeing cost savings by their second site use.

“Our hoarding comes at 2.4m high as standard. The on-ground system is installed into the ground using a robust framework to provide a continuous run of site hoarding.

“The system infill comprises of 1m wide metal hoarding panels that are overlapped within the system framework, meaning a continuous run of site hoarding of any length is possible without having posts or fittings to the external view.”

Professional, cost effective & on-brand

The steel panels that Rethync provide are galvanised both sides and powder coated white on one side, as standard, to provide a professional finish. They are also able to provide panels that match corporate colours to individual branding, and posts are supplied in the same galvanised finish, and fittings are galvanised, or zinc plated.

Phil adds: “Using steel hoarding instead of timber hoarding means you can have a fully customisable powder coated hoarding line, but it is also more environmentally friendly, even on a single use site. This is because timber is a single use product, meaning it is either thrown into landfill or incinerated after use.

“Once a site is complete, our steel Multisite Hoarding can be re-used on your next building site or recycled for further multifunctional uses. The durability of our steel hoarding means there is a life expectancy of ten years, so the products only need to be manufactured once to achieve this ten-year life span.”

Quality as Standard

Regardless of whether your requirement is for Multisite Hoarding, Gates, or any other service Rethync provide, they offer the following as standard for each job:

  • Initial installation
  • Takedown when site is complete
  • Sort and store between sites
  • Re-installation
  • Overall transport logistics

Phill comments: “Depending on your requirements, you can choose as many or as few of these services as you need. Whatever your requirement, we will ensure you get a quality finished product. Plus, we also offer the following support services to our customers:

  • Wind loading calculations
  • Account management
  • Training of your installers
  • Sale and buy back

“We pride ourselves in offering the best solutions for our clients, and that is why we offer a variety of different options and services.”

All-encompassing fencing solutions for Countryside Partnerships

At Countryside Partnerships building sites, Rethync provide a range of site fencing solutions, including Multisite steel compound hoarding, timber post & rail, and knee rail.

By using Rethync’s Multisite steel hoarding, which is more sustainable than timber, Countryside Partnerships, and the many other companies that Rethync work with, can rest assured that their construction site not only meets all health, safety, and security requirements, but is also helping house builders meet their sustainability targets.

Bespoke Multisite Hoarding for Miller Homes

Upon the request for hoarding, one of the mandatory requirements for Miller Homes was a bespoke vehicle gate, and a double leaf barn door fitment. Being the only Multisite Hoarding company that can provide double leaf barn door gates, Rethync were the best choice for Miller Homes.

The barn door gates that Rethync provide means they can be opened through the top half of the fence line whilst the bottom half remains as solid hoarding.

The next necessity for Miller Homes was a double vehicle gate with specific requirements being only 4m wide. Typically, these gates are installed at 5.4m wide, however with Rethync, installing the 4m bespoke gate was not a problem.

Bespoke Multisite Hoarding Vehicle Gate for Miller Homes

Are you looking for a professional site hoarding system?

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