Rethync Ltd enhances transportation capacity with new fleet of Class 6 compliant vehicles

Rethync Ltd, a leading provider of construction site hoarding solutions in Doncaster, is pleased to announce the purchase of a new fleet of vehicles to coincide with the company’s office relocation. The vehicles were sourced from fellow Doncaster business, Lyndon Systems, a trusted supplier renowned for their quality and reliability.

The acquisition of these seven new vehicles marks an important milestone for Rethync as they continue to expand their operations and meet the growing demands of their valued customers.

Phil Chadwick, Managing Director of Rethync Ltd (2nd left) with members of the Rethync and Lyndon Systems teams

The newly acquired fleet, all of which are class 6 compliant, will significantly enhance Rethync’s transportation capacity, as well provide the team with more environmentally friendly and efficient modes of transport.

This strategic investment aligns perfectly with the company’s commitment to delivering exceptional service and maintaining high operational standards. The increased mobility and efficiency offered by the fleet will enable Rethync to continue its rapid growth trajectory and effectively service customers across various locations in the UK with their innovative Multisite Hoarding solutions.

Phil Chadwick, Managing Director at Rethync, comments: “We are thrilled to announce the acquisition of our new fleet of class 6 compliant vehicles. This investment demonstrates our unwavering commitment to meeting the evolving needs of our customers and ensuring their satisfaction. The expanded transportation capacity will enable us to respond even more efficiently to project demands, regardless of the location.

“As we continue to expand our operations, it is essential to have reliable and efficient transportation options in place. The new fleet will not only increase our overall capacity but also enhance our ability to deliver projects on time, ensuring customer satisfaction remains at the forefront of our priorities.”

Rethync would like to extend its sincere gratitude to Lyndon Systems for their outstanding service and commitment to providing bespoke solutions. Their dedication to meeting Rethync’s specific requirements played a crucial role in the successful acquisition and delivery of the fleet.

The collaboration between Rethync and Lyndon Systems has been a testament to the strength of local businesses working together to drive growth and excellence in the Doncaster business community.

For more information about Rethync Ltd and their construction site hoarding solutions, please visit or contact the team on 03300 535898 or

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