Rethync on: Site hoarding and protecting public safety

In the world of construction and building sites, ensuring the safety of workers and the public is of paramount importance. Site hoarding, also known as construction site fencing, plays a vital role in safeguarding these areas and demarcating the boundaries of construction sites. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at Rethync’s innovative solutions for site hoarding and how they contribute to protecting public safety while being environmentally conscious.

The importance of site hoarding

Site hoarding is not just about securing a construction site; it’s also about ensuring public safety. Construction sites can be filled with potential hazards, from heavy machinery and equipment to unfinished structures. Protecting the public from these dangers is a moral and legal responsibility for construction companies. Site hoarding provides a clear and visible barrier, preventing unauthorised access and potential accidents.

Rethync understands the significance of site hoarding and offers a range of solutions designed to meet various needs and preferences.

A range of gates

Gates are a crucial component of site hoarding, allowing authorised personnel to access the site while keeping others out. Rethync offers a diverse range of mesh and steel profiled gates, suitable for all types of construction sites. Whether you need vehicle or pedestrian gates, we have you covered. These gates can be customised to meet your specific security needs.

For added security, pedestrian gates can be clad with welded mesh, and digital padlocks can be supplied and fitted. This additional layer of protection ensures that only authorised personnel can enter the site, reducing the risk of accidents and unauthorised access.

Temporary mesh on timber posts

Rethync’s temporary mesh panels, fixed to timber posts, are a cost-effective solution for demarcating site boundaries and segregating storage areas within a construction or building site. These panels, standing at 2 meters in height, offer a simple perimeter to enhance security and safety.

This temporary fencing not only shields the construction site but also safeguards both site workers and the public. Its quick installation and cost-effectiveness make it an ideal choice for creating a secure construction site.

Timber knee rails

Rethync’s Timber Knee Rails, also known as ‘Birdsmouth Fencing’, are perfect for demarcation in areas like car parks, schools, recreation grounds, public gardens, beauty spots, and sports fields. Standing at heights of 0.6 meters or 0.9 meters, these diamond-shaped fences offer an affordable way to mark boundaries.

The low height of knee rail fencing makes it easy to step over, ensuring minimal intrusion while providing effective demarcation. It’s secured with galvanised weatherproof straps, making it a robust and durable choice.

Environmentally conscious solutions

Rethync is not only committed to safety but also to sustainability. Our Multisite Hoarding has a minimum 10-year lifespan, allowing it to be reused multiple times. This reduces site setup costs and leads to significant cost savings by the second site use but also make a significant contribution to public safety and a greener future.

The system, standing at 2.4 meters high as standard, is installed into the ground using a robust framework, providing a continuous run of site hoarding. The innovative infill design comprises 1-metre-wide metal hoarding panels that overlap within the framework, resulting in a seamless appearance without posts or fittings on the outer face.

Rethync’s vision

We set new and higher standards of customer service and delivery by offering a complete service, including supply, installation, removal, storage in-between sites, logistics, and re-installation. This comprehensive approach not only ensures public safety but also promotes sustainability and cost savings.


Site hoarding is a critical element in maintaining public safety at construction sites. Rethync’s innovative solutions not only fulfil this requirement but also contribute to sustainability by promoting reuse and recycling. Take the first step in enhancing public safety today.

Choose Rethync for your site hoarding needs and join us in building a safer and more sustainable construction industry. Contact us today and together, we can make a difference.

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