Building responsibly: The role of site hoarding in construction and beyond

In the complex world of construction, site hoardings act as silent guardians for safety, advertising, and work regulations. Hoardings are more than just barriers; they are a canvas for communication, a safeguard for the public, and a responsibility for contractors. At Rethync, we understand the vital role site hoardings play, and our commitment to excellence shines through in every project we undertake.

Understanding the responsibility

The construction process kicks off with site hoarding, a responsibility that falls on the shoulders of the principal contractor. Whether they opt to design and construct the hoardings themselves or enlist a subcontractor, the decision-making begins with understanding the project’s unique needs.

The installation of hoardings

Before the first brick is laid, hoarding must stand tall. During the risk assessment phase, the principal contractor will outline the perimeter, determining the size, strength, and layout of the hoarding. Once approved, construction can begin.

Nurturing through maintenance

A site hoarding’s life extends beyond its construction and as a result, regular inspections become the norm. While there are no fixed regulations on inspection frequency, at Rethync, we understand that vigilance is key. Our commitment to safety doesn’t end with installation; it continues through the entire lifecycle of our hoardings.

Engineering excellence

Rethync’s Multisite Steel Hoarding stands as a testament to engineering brilliance. With the ability to withstand windspeeds of up to 50mph in good ground without backstays, it means our hoardings redefine durability. Tailored to accommodate specific site requirements, our proprietary wind loading software ensures the highest standards of safety and resilience.

Innovation as a standard

At Rethync, innovation is not just a ‘buzzword’; it’s a commitment because our mission revolves around delivering fast and cost-effective site hoarding services that excel industry standards. We constantly strive to evolve and ‘Rethync’ how our products are supplied and installed, aligning seamlessly with the ever-changing needs of the construction industry and housebuilders.

Multisite Steel Hoarding: A cut above the rest

Our Multisite Steel Hoarding goes beyond being a mere barrier. At 2.4m high, this in-ground system boasts a robust framework for a continuous run of hoarding and provide a professional site image. The galvanized and powder-coated steel panels not only offer durability but also present a sleek, professional finish, with the option to match corporate branding.

Adaptable and secure

Designed for versatility, our hoarding system can accommodate sloping ground without stepping and gracefully navigate changes in direction. Backstays are unnecessary for standard installations, maximising internal compound space. For heightened security, extensions arms can be added for barbed wire or razor tape, ensuring a comprehensive safety solution.

Trusted partners in construction

At Rethync we collaborate with construction companies and house builders across the UK, backed by a string of approvals that’s evidenced by our qualifications and insurance coverage. When you choose Rethync, you’re not just getting site hoarding; you’re gaining a partner dedicated to excellence, safety, and innovation.

In the ever-evolving world of construction, construction site hoarding stands as a symbol of responsibility and progress. At Rethync, we don’t just build hoardings; we build trust, safety, and a future where construction meets excellence.

Contact Rethync today – where creativity and responsibility meet to set new standards for site hoarding.

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In the world of construction and building sites, ensuring the safety of workers and the public is of paramount importance. Site hoarding, also known as construction site fencing, plays a vital role in safeguarding these areas and demarcating the boundaries of construction sites. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at Rethync's innovative solutions for site hoarding and how they contribute to protecting public safety while being environmentally conscious.