Rethync shakes up site hoarding for better safety and sustainability

Making sure that workers and the public stay safe is a big deal on construction sites. Site hoarding is key to keeping these areas safe and marking out where construction sites begin and end. At Rethync, we provide Multisite steel hoarding and gates across the country. Providing modern solutions for site hoarding, our products not only make things safer for the public but also go together with sustainable practices.

The crucial role of site hoarding

Site hoarding is more than just locking down a construction site; it’s about looking out for everyone’s safety. Construction sites come with their fair share of hazards, such as big machines, a multitude of equipment, and structures that are still in the works. For construction companies, keeping the public safe from these dangers isn’t just the right thing to do—it’s the law. Site hoarding steps in with its clear and visible barriers, putting the brakes on unauthorised access and potential accidents.

Rethync’s innovative solutions

At Rethync, we acknowledge the critical role of site hoarding and offer a spectrum of innovative solutions tailored to varied needs and preferences.

Let’s take a closer look!

1. A diverse range of gates:

Gates are a pivotal point of site hoarding, letting authorised people in while keeping everyone else out. We provide various ranges of mesh and steel profiled gates that fit the bill for all kinds of construction sites, whether it’s for vehicles or people on foot. Our gates can be tweaked to meet different security needs and with the addition of welded mesh cladding, and digital padlocks – security is maximised. As a result accidents are minimised, and only authorised personnel can enter sites.

2. Temporary mesh on timber posts:

Our temporary mesh panels, affixed to timber posts, offer a cost-effective solution for defining site boundaries and splitting up storage spaces on construction sites. Standing at 2 meters tall, these panels provide a simple yet effective perimeter, enhancing security and safety. Quick to install and light on the wallet, these panels are the go-to option for making construction sites safe for both the crew and the passers-by.

3. Environmentally conscious solutions:

We’re not only committed to safety but also to sustainability at Rethync. Our Multisite Hoarding has a minimum 10-year lifespan, promoting recycling and keeping setup costs low for lots of sites. At 2.4 meters tall, this system is installed into the ground using a robust framework, providing a continuous run of site hoarding. This innovative infill design, made up of 1-meter-wide metal hoarding panels, seamlessly overlap within the framework, and as a result ensures a polished appearance without visible posts or fittings on the outer face.

Rethync’s vision

We are changing the game when it comes to Multisite Hoarding and gates. Not only do we offer an all-rounded service, but our holistic approach ensures public safety and promotes sustainability and cost savings. We’re providing innovative solutions for construction sites!

Get in touch today and join the movement that’s working towards a safer and more sustainable future in construction.

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