Interior of site compound hoarding

Rethync Multisite Steel Hoarding is a high quality, in-ground, reusable construction site hoarding system designed primarily for house builders and construction companies. It can readily be moved from site to site thereby providing savings for owners in terms of both cost and the environment.



Multisite steel hoarding is 2.4m high as standard. This can be extended to 3m high by adding extension arms to the post tops for the fixing of barbed wire or razor tape security topping. The system infill is of 1m wide metal hoarding panels that are overlapped within the system framework so that a continuous run of site hoarding of any length is possible without having posts or fittings to external view.

The steel panels are galvanised both sides and powder coated white on one side as standard. Other colours can be provided upon request to enable corporate colour matching.

Vehicle Access Gates

Three main designs of double leaf gate are available as standard, all are 5.4m wide, mounted on galvanised gateposts, have drop bolts on each leaf, and include hasp and staple on both sides so that the gates can be locked from inside or out:

  • Standard gates clad in the same steel sheet as the main hoarding fenceline. 

  • Standard gates clad fully or partly with welded mesh in lieu of steel sheeting.

  • ‘Barn door’ style gates that only open through the top half of the fenceline. The bottom half is solid hoarding. These gates allow various types of mechanical plant to access inside the compound but personnel are kept out.

Posts are supplied in galvanised finish and fittings are galvanised or zinc plated. Multisite steel hoarding can accommodate gently sloping ground without the need for stepping. It can similarly curve through gentle changes of direction. Backstays are not required for standard installations thereby enabling maximum usable internal compound space.

Multisite steel compound hoarding

Security padlocks can be provided as an optional extra with all of these gate styles.

Pedestrian Access Gates

These single leaf gates are 1.1m wide and are clad in the same steel hoarding sheet as the main fence run. 5 lever locks to BS3621:2007 are included as standard but fitted digi locks are available as an optional extra if so required.

Vision Panels

These are made from clear polycarbonate and can be of any dimension as specified by the customer. They are fitted flush into the hoarding line and are often used as a safety or security feature by improving through visibility and sight lines.


Benefits Rethync Multisite offer that you'll appreciate!


Cost Effective

Rethync Multisite can be used on site after site (other than the ground spigots which must be replaced) making it a very cost effective long term solution for repeat users such as housebuilders and construction companies. Rethync provides a take down, storage (if required), relocate, and re-erect service. 

Easy To Transport and Store

Rethync Multisite is delivered in component form and assembled on site. Likewise, once dismantled it is stacked into efficiently transportable and storable pallets, reducing overall transport costs


Environmentally Friendly

Rethync Multisite steel hoarding is a reusable construction site hoarding system, making it friendlier to the environment than timber which is regularly burnt at the end of the life of a site with more timber being used for the next site.

10 YR +.png

Life Expectancy

The robust specification and polyester coated hoarding sheets are expected to last well over 10 years so long as they are not subject to misuse or impact damage on site.


Positive Site Image

The uninterrupted outer face gives a continuous flowing appearance with all fixings concealed on the inside face of the system. The standard outer face colour is white but other colours are available on request.