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Housebuilding 2017, Site Security

Working for housebuilders for the last 18 years the team at Rethync have seen the good, the bad and the ugly times. Recently it has seen difficult times, thankfully many have managed to weather the storms and we are pleased to say are now reporting expansion plans, even since the vote for Brexit, if they were starting to feel nervous the house building industry are not showing it!

This is mainly due to the fact, that a housing crisis still looms in the UK and the need to build more houses is stronger than ever. Sustainable new build is a key focus for developments and more than ever companies are thinking about the effect their business has on the environment.

When Building homes, house builders are taking the environment into account, they are required by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to ensure that the site boundary is secure to protect members of the public, and it’s workers. So more and more of them are turning to Rethync Ltd for the Multisite hoarding systems due to the fact it is environmentally friendly as its kinder to the environment than the traditional timber hoarding which is often disposed of on completion of the works. It’s a good idea to reduce the risks associated with the storage of the building materials by storing them within the site perimeter, but preferably in a secure compound like the Mulitsite hoarding compound which comes with vehicle gates 5.4m wide, big enough for the large articulated vehicles to get through when dropping off plant and again for Health and Safety reasons a separate pedestrian gate. This compound then provides the site employees a safe place to rest at break times, and the site office can reside within the compound, for meeting use and housing electronic valuables, site plans etc.

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