• Sera Serfozo

Warehouse / Factory / Site segregation

Rethync visited the impressive iPort Doncaster UK development recently. The units are on such a grand scale that it reminded us to inform our customers that Multisite hoarding is not only for site protection and compounds but is a fantastic system for internal use as Warehouse and Factory segregation.

Many Warehouse buildings are one large space, however this can be hazardous when the warehouse needs to accommodate several different functions, such as welding areas, welfare areas, stock, activities requiring restricted access etc. Therefore, dividing the factory up only by painting demarcation lines on the floor is not always an adequate nor safe option. By putting a solid robust secure boundary up you can have safe areas to work in as well as either additional office space or screened off areas for confidential /sensitive work that requires segregation from the rest of the factory. Whatever your need, Multisite Hoarding has an aesthetic look so keeps your premises looking professional and well organised and at the same time keeping everyone safe.

Many companies reside in older warehouse / factories and can only dream of a modern industrial unit. However, with the use of Multisite Hoarding, workplace zone sub-division can revitalise a tired building and give it that essential modern feeling and make an otherwise useless area, a workable space, alleviating any need for an expensive move to new premises. Vehicle gates and pedestrian gates within the boundary line allow access for all types of machinery.

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