We offer a full range of services in support of your investment in Multisite Hoarding



Product Life Cycle Management

We offer:

  • Initial installation
  • Take down when site is complete
  • Sort and store between sites
  • Re-installation
  • Overall transport logistics

The customer can choose as many or as few of these services as are required.

Account Management

Repeat customers are allocated their own key account manager so that you only have one person to deal with whatever your issue or query – no going round the departmental houses!

Sale and Buy Back

If your need is ‘one off’ in nature, or there is quite a gap between uses then we can offer a sale and buy back package. Contact us for further details.

Wind Loading Calculations

Multisite is calculated to withstand windspeeds of up to 50mph in good ground without the need for backstays. Site specific installation amendments can be made to increase this resistance (narrower post spacings, larger foundations, backstays, etc). Wind loading calculations can be provided to customers via our proprietary wind loading software.

Training of Your Installers

If you prefer to use your own installers or sub-contractors we can provide them with on site installation training to ensure you get a quality finished product.

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