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Rethync Multisite Hoarding is a high performance, long life, in ground, re-usable steel hoarding system, designed primarily for housebuilders and construction companies to use, and re-use, on site after site.

Rethync Multisite Hoarding is a durable 2.4m high steel temporary site hoarding system, which can be extended to 3m by adding extra security toppings (using extension arms for barbed wire or razor tape). The robust steel hoarding sheets are galvanised and polyester powder coated in white as standard (other colours are available as an optional extra). Posts and rails are supplied in galvanised finish. The hoarding system is completed by 5.4m wide double leaf vehicle access gates and 1.1m wide pedestrian access gates; both designed to match the main body of the fence.


Rethync Multisite Hoarding can accommodate gently sloping ground, and has no gaps giving an appearance of a continuous flow.

Although Rethync Multisite Hoarding is installed in-ground for construction site hoarding, it is easily adapted for use as an on-ground hoarding system, via bolted baseplates, making it an ideal solution for external hard surfaces or for use within factories and warehouses to create segregated walkways, internal partitioning or to meet other demarcation needs.

Multisite Site hoarding Wind loading calculations


Rethync Ltd have a wealth of experience when it comes to site hoarding in the temporary works package. On most sites, hoardings are likely to be one of the first entries in the register of temporary works.  Site hoardings are often exposed to high prevailing wind and it’s the responsibility of the Principal Contractor to ensure that they themselves or the sub-contractor that they let the works to, have a durable hoarding that is fit for purpose and will not blow down in high winds, that’s where Rethync step in with our Multisite hoarding.  Multisite requires little or no maintenance during its life on site, and we can now provide our customers with Multisite Hoarding Wind Resistance calculations.  Our standard system is calculated to withstand wind speeds of 49.3MPH without the need for backstays, and if this is not enough we can easily calculate / develop a bespoke solution by altering the foundation size / adding backstays or even altering the post thickness to achieve the equivalent of up to 100mph.

It should be noted that Multisite site hoarding can be erected in areas that are not subjected to wind loads, for example inside buildings.​​

Product benefits include:
Cost Effective
Rethync Multisite can be used on site after site (other than the ground spigots which must be replaced) making it a very cost effective long term solution for repeat users such as housebuilders and construction companies. Rethync provides a take down, storage (if required), relocate, and re-erect service. 
Environmentally Friendly
The reusability of Rethync Multisite makes it friendlier to the environment than timber which is regularly burnt at the end of the life of a site with more timber being used for the next site.
Positive Site Image
The uninterrupted outer face gives a continuous flowing appearance with all fixings concealed on the inside face of the system. The standard outer face colour is white but other colours are available on request.
Easy To Transport and Store
The system is assembled and when required, dismantled into efficiently storable and transportable components. Backstays are not normally required giving you full usage of the space inside any Rethync Multisite compound.
Life Expectancy
The robust specification and polyester coated hoarding sheets are expected to last well over 10 years so long as they are not subject to misuse or impact damage on site.


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